The Source Cafe

Whether you are a Jinja local or a visitor looking for the best restaurant in town, the Source Cafe is the place for you.

Located on Jinja's Main Street a mile from the source of the Nile, we offer the best coffee in Jinja, high-quality food, locally sourced crafts, fast Internet, and personable service.

The Source is a place to impact the local community through intercultural fellowship, the pursuit of knowledge, and support for sustainable development projects.


The Source, using locally grown coffee and expert Baristas deliver  superb coffee based drinks, western themed breakfasts and lunches prepared with the freshest  ingredients, offers the largest selection of artisan crafts in Jinja, while providing unlimited free high speed  internet for every customer.


Every purchase in the cafe and craft shop supports local sustainable development work through Kibo Group.

The Source Cafe, originally called Jemimah’s, was Kibo Group’s first sustainable development project in Uganda. The original missionaries who founded Kibo and the Source responded to the challenges and poverty they witnessed in Uganda with a faith-inspired, holistic approach to sustainable development. Since it’s conception 20 years ago through today, the Source supports Kibo’s sustainable development work in Uganda.

All of the Source’s profits are reinvested into our local community.

The Source provides 15 full-time jobs to locals, is managed by Ugandans, and supports nearly 100 local farmers and business owners. The Source’s pavilion also serves as community and educational center.