the source for knowledge

The Source's library offers a quiet place to sip coffee or enjoy a snack as you study, read, or browse the internet. You will often find our librarian, Tim, at the front desk, ready to help you find the perfect book. You can also search our library catalog below. Library memberships are available for purchase to use or borrow the variety of magazines, newspapers, novels, textbooks, and children's books that we offer. We also have Rokespot Wifi cards available for purchase.

Prices of library memberships (in Ugandan shillings):

  • 3,000 for a day

  • 20,000 for a month

  • 25,000 for a year for an individual

  • 75,000 for a year for a family

Prices of Rokespot passes:

  • 1,000 for a day

  • 5,000 for a week

  • 18,000 for a month